When Millennials Rule
The Reshaping of America

  On Sale:  August 2                                                                        Publisher:  Post Hill Press                                    Distributor:  Simon & Schuster

On Sale: August 2                                                                       Publisher: Post Hill Press                                   Distributor: Simon & Schuster


China has swallowed our jobs. Social security is going bankrupt. Radical Islamic terrorists threaten our safety. Our planet is on the brink of environmental disaster. Meanwhile, politicians pound their chests in ideological wars that enrich lobbyists and special interest groups at the expense of the American voter.

If America today is at a crossroads, it is the millennial generation – long ridiculed as selfish egotists and narcissistic Twitter drones – that will face the momentous task of restoring the promise of a better future.

But where are millennials leading America? How will this generation shape our nation’s future? These are questions everyone is asking – in newspapers, in books, on television and on Twitter. And they’re baffled. The Nation called it “Millennial Madness” and The Atlantic complained that millennial political views “don’t make any sense.”

Five years ago, David and Jack Cahn – identical twins, competitive debaters, and New York magazine’s “Twin Titans” – set out to answer these questions and uncover their generation’s political identity. Traveling across the country, from Kentucky to Illinois to California, they talked with more than 10,000 young Americans about everything from campaign finance reform to nuclear proliferation, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. 

When Millennials Rule is the story of their journey. They start in New Haven, Conn., just months after the Newtown shooting, and end in Philadelphia, where the 2016 Democratic National Convention is set to launch one of the most contentious elections in modern history. Combining thorough reporting with the compelling stories of their peers, the brothers craft an authentic, first-person portrait of what millennials stand for and why.

Praise for When Millennials Rule

In gleaning perspectives from millennials throughout the country, David and Jack Cahn have captured the pulse of their generation – one that has formed civic habits and opinions completely in the digital age. Their book is an important read for anyone interested in the near term and long term future of American politics.

-- Jeff Harris, former CEO of the Junior Statesmen Foundation 

How should we understand millennials? ...The beguiling answer is “radical realism.” Millennials want to make the world a better place. But they have lost faith in big government and big business. They favor compromise over ideology, purpose over partisanship. This is an impressive and inclusive manifesto for a generation that is critical to the future for us all.

 -- Geoff Garrett, Dean of The Wharton School

This book should be on the nightstand of every young politico, and should be read with an open mind and a highlighter in hand. The Cahn brothers do a masterful job, through painstakingly thorough research, of highlighting the possibilities of an America where young people are in charge. Bravo to the Cahn brothers, and thank you for inspiring millennials everywhere to not just accept the status quo, but to dream of a new one. 

 -- Josh Lafazan, author of Political Gladiators and Syosset School Board Trustee

As a boomer myself, I’ve long felt entitled to have my generation run the world while fearing and loathing these creatures called millennials:  Their faces glued to screens, “like” saturating their vocabularies, and ideological principles seemingly playing no part of their lives.  I suspect the Cahn's represent the best and brightest of this new breed, but if their extraordinary voyage into the attitudes and programs of the next generation does represent the future, then I say, “We’ve done our damage; bring it on!

-- Robert Blecker, New York Law School Professor and Author, The Death of Punishment

The Cahn brothers traveled the country debating all of the issues their millennial generation cares about so deeply. The result is a guidebook for any policy maker trying to decipher the political tendencies of America’s most powerful generation...There is much to recommend in [When Millennials Rule] for anyone who wants to seriously engage the generation in a debate about the future of American politics."

-- Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais, co-authors, Millennial MajorityMillennial Momentum, and Millennial Makeover

The Cahn twins are masterful storytellers, weaving together new data, creative stories, and unique insights to paint a startling portrait of millennial America. Using the authors' own personal journey to bring to life cutting-edge research, When Millennials Rule is hard to put down.

-- Jeff Gulliot, Partner at Millennial Strategies